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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Bin There Dump That – The Midtown Oklahoma City Dumpster Rental Experts

What You Can Expect From Us

Your Driveway’s Safe with Us

You can have the convenience of a dumpster without a damaged driveway

When you rent a dumpster you’ll probably be a bit worried about the damage it can do to your driveway. That’s a real concern. It’s also why we always place boards down before we put a bin down. It’s part of our driveway protection system and our promise to put your needs first. Our Dumpster Delivery Expert will:

  • Take the time to place boards as a barrier
  • Lower the bin in place slowly and with care
  • Listen to your requests

Keep Your Yard and Driveway Clean

Bin There Dump That makes it our mission to keep your property looking good

A major renovation project should be an exciting and positive experience. Sure there will be some debris and a little bit of noise, but that doesn’t mean you should have to put up with eyesores. We’ve all seen old rusted equipment lying around a jobsite. That may be okay on a commercial project. It’s not at your home. Our bins are:

  • Always rust free
  • Freshly painted
  • Bright Green and vibrant

Why settle for equipment on your property that just gets the job done when you can have a bin that’s ideal for your needs and easy on the eyes to?

How many days are included in the price of a dumpster rental?

With Bin There Dump That, your dumpster rental includes 7 days which is a great amount of time for any project you’re doing. 7 days is long enough to renovate your kitchen or clear out any clutter you accumulated in the past few months after your last big de-cluttering session. Although, 7 days is a long period of time, we understand that some projects take longer than others and you can keep your rental for a few more days for a small fee. We won’t pick up the rental dumpster unless you call us to come pick it up. From when you call back, in 24 hours or less your rental dumpster will be out of sight and out of mind. Give us a call and talk to our Dumpster Consultant for more information.

How much is it to rent a dumpster for a day?

Because we include everything from a disposal allowance to delivery and pickup, the 7-day rental period is built into our price. You might not think you need it for a full week, but you’ll be surprised at items you’ll continue to find after you thought your work was done. Call one of our dumpster consultants today so we can accommodate all your dumpster needs.

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Local Guide to Midtown Oklahoma City

Revitalization is important in preserving the special aspects and important history of any city. Midtown in Oklahoma City is a revitalization success. Instead of ignoring the older structures of the area just northwest of downtown, businesses have come in and renovated Midtown to a new glory. It has become a place that not only do people want to come visit, dine, shop, or work, but they also want to LIVE! Trendy apartment complexes and condominiums have significantly changed the landscape of Midtown.

What To See

Midtown is always active. Not only is it a great spot for downtown professionals during lunch, but the trendy restaurants and pubs make for a fun night out where walking to each place or grabbing a seat on the new Oklahoma City Streetcar is convenient, and the new experiences can’t be beat.

Do Not Miss

Trendy doesn’t stop with the dining…clothing boutiques and retail locations for home decor add to the area’s originality. And a visit wouldn’t be complete without a trip to The Dust Bowl, the retro and swanky bowling alley or Bleu Garten, Oklahoma City’s most popular beer garten! Bleu Garten is open March through November and hosts a wonderful family friendly, dog friendly atmosphere during the week and on weekend days and turns on the wonderful Oklahoma City nightlife charm on weekend nights!

More Information

Contractors serving Dumpster Rental Experts in Midtown Oklahoma City

Dropoff Centers in the Dumpster Rental Experts in Midtown Oklahoma City area

  • Habitat for Humanity Donation Pick Up Services

  • 1800 N Broadway Ave
  • Oklahoma City, OK 73103
  • 405-595-2828

  • Items Accepted:
    • Household Items
  • Link

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